Zippin multi-transport system in Argentina for Prestashop


Zippin Logistics for e-commerce in Argentina

Simpler and cheaper shipments in a multi-transport platform integrated to Prestashop in a very easy and simple way to use.

What is Zippin

Zippin is the logistics solution that gives you access to multiple operators and types of service in a single platform, with centralized support and tools to streamline administrative and operational management.

Through intelligent algorithms, the best shipping alternative is selected, optimizing cost, service level and delivery time.

It is a 100% integrable tool to your systems and processes.

About the Module

Compatible with Prestashop 1.6 and 1.7 in all their variants.

Support and module updates free for 90 days. License valid only for ONE store.

Tiendas que ya usan este modulo:

Tools that you will find in the Module

  1. Show the list of transport available to your customers, they will decide which is the best.
  2. You can show only the cheapest and hide the rest.
  3. Add handling costs (Fixed amount or based on a percentage)
  4. Automatic label generation
  5. Automatic order status changes when it is in transit and when it reaches its destination
  6. Bulk download of tags from the Orders page using a date range or order number.
  7. Low balance alerts (Coming soon …)


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