Venezolano de Credito for WooCommerce with TDC and Pago Móvil


Banco Venezuelo de Credito (BVC) for WooCommerce provides the market with a payment gateway solution that allows any business to offer its customers fundraising options, through their mobile applications or web portal, accepting credit cards. (Any national and international bank), debit (Only with BVC accounts) and Mobile payment (Classic and C2P).

Minimum Requirements to use Banco Venezolano de Credito in your WooCommerce store

By purchasing this plugin you will get Technical Support and Free Updates for 90 days. Lifetime license valid for ONE store.

What you should know about Banco Venezolano de Credto

BVC presents a Payment Button as a virtual point of sale for companies and entrepreneurs that allows them to collect, more easily and at any time, their products and services from their website, maintaining the experience of the customer.

Through this platform, the implementation of the Payment Button is faster compared to traditional programming models. This virtual point of sale is one of the options that is already available in the bank for Legal Accounts.

To request this service, you only need to be a legal client of the BVC and have a web page to which the Payment Button would be integrated.

In this way, BVC presents an option that enhances business and simultaneously creates experiences adapted to the digital age.


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