MercadoPago Tools Pro for Prestashop – Checkout Pro, Bricks and QR


Payment platform MercadoPago for Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay. Accept Checkout Pro, Checkout Bricks and payments with Qr.


  • Accepts Credit Cards American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Debit Cards, ATM payments, coupons, kiosk and more.
  • Accept installment payments, just like you as merchants will receive all your full money immediately.
  • Accept payments without CVV, with this customers can subscribe to a specific product in the store and the plugin will be in charge of making the payments on a recurring basis. Pre-authorization from MercadoPago is required to use this tool.
  • Months without Interest with fixed Commission which varies depending on the number of months the Client selects (Only for Checkout Pro)
  • Compatible with JA Marketplace (Not included in the basic version, you must buy the version compatible with the Marketplace mode or also called Split Payments)
    • Marketplace commission captured automatically as configured for each Seller in JA Marketplace.
    • The payment of commissions is registered automatically as soon as the payment is approved.
    • Payment split generated automatically by MercadoPago.
    • Compatible only with Checkout Pro and Checkout Bricks (Does not accept QR payments).
    • Unlimited sellers
    • Unlimited commissions
    • Each seller will be able to link their MercadoPago account automatically from the “My Account” section of Prestashop and you don’t have to do anything additional.
    • Restrictions or limitations:
      • You must not allow having more than one vendor in a cart and/or order.
      • At the moment it is only compatible with JA Marketplace but it could be adapted to any other without additional cost (Ask first before buying).
  • Compatible with most One Page Checkout plugins (If it is not compatible you will be given free technical support for adaptation).
  • Accept Qr code payments with 0% commissions for you.
  • Accepts Total and Partial Refunds (Not available in QR payments).
  • Collection of commission to the client for using MercadoPago.
  • You can disable some payment options if you wish.
  • Dashboard with the money available in Mercadopago
  • Sandbox, you can test the module and check that all the configuration is correct.
  • This module detects status changes (Pending -> accepted or rejected) in real time.

Plugin Demo:

Proof Card: Visa 4509 9535 6623 3704 – CVV: 123 – Exp: 11/25 – Any Name – Any DNI.

Email to Pay in MercadoPago: [email protected] or any other user generated for Sandbox mode (Do not use real emails or emails that are already registered in MercadoPago from any country)

What your customers will like

  1. Customers will pay quickly and securely
  2. All the benefits provided by MercadoPago with its Buyer and Seller Protection program.

Minimum Requirements


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