MercadoPago Tools Pro for Prestashop now with Subscriptions


Payment platform MercadoPago for Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay. It also accepts payments with Qr and Tokenizer.


  • Accepts Credit Cards American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Debit Cards, ATM payments and more.
  • Accept installment payments, as merchants you will receive all your money in full immediately.
  • Accept payments without CVV , with this customers can subscribe to a specific product in the store and the plugin will be in charge of making the payments on a recurring basis. A pre-authorization from MercadoPago is required to use this tool.
  • Months without Interest with fixed Commission that varies depending on the number of months selected by the Client (Only for Basic Checkout and Prestashop 1.7)
  • Accepts MercadoEnvios in few accounts, without guarantees or refunds for disqualifications . So that you can verify if MercadoEnvios works in an account, I have this URL available for you: https: // put the client id and secret with that it will tell you if something is missing.
  • Accept payments in Qr code with 0% commissions for you.
  • Accept Full and Partial Refunds (Not available in QR payments).
  • Commission charge to the client for using MercadoPago.
  • You can disable some payment options if you wish.
  • Dashboard with the money available in Mercadopago
  • Sandbox, you can test the module and check that all the configuration is correct.
  • This module detects status changes (Pending -> accepted or rejected) in real time.

What your customers will like

  1. Clients will pay fast and secure
  2. All the benefits that MercadoPago provides with its Buyer and Seller Protection program.

Support and module updates free for 90 days. License valid only for ONE store.

Minimum Requirements


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