Biopago and Debit Cards from Banco de Venezuela for WooCommerce


Banco de Venezuela Biopago and Debit Cards for WooCommerce provides the market with a payment gateway solution that allows any business to offer their customers fundraising options, through their mobile applications or web portal, accepting credit cards < strong> (Any national bank) and debit (Only debit cards of Banco de Venezuela customers) .

Minimum Requirements to use Biopago in your WooCommerce store

  • Curl Libraries for PHP
  • PHP 7
  • WooCommerce
  • Sandbox or Production Credentials for BiopagoBDV < / li>
  • It is not required to have , buy or acquire a physical point of sale from BiopagoBDV , all payments are validated by SMS, and -mail or CVV (Depending on the option selected by the client).

Stores that already use this module:

By purchasing this plugin you will have 90 days of Technical Support and Free Updates. Valid license for ONE store only.

What you should know about BiopagoBDV

The BiopagoBDV product aims to provide Point of Sale functions without the need to use a physical debit or credit card, allowing to validate the identity of the individuals who make the purchase through a cell phone affiliated with ClaveMovil (SMS).

The platform only processes payments in bolivars since it does not contemplate payments in foreign currency at the moment.
In the case of credit cards from other national banks, the customer must have active online purchases at their bank, otherwise the transactions could be rejected.


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