Andreani for WooCommerce


Andreani for WooCommerce with Shipping Calculator for Argentina and automatic label generation from the administrator.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not buy this module without first having the API access credentials, since sometimes they may have minimal restrictions to obtain them. If Andreani rejects your request there are no refunds if you have already purchased the plugin.

If you are subscribed to Andreani you will be able to generate the national guides automatically in WooCommerce. Quote the cost from your city to that of your clients, compatible with shipments to Branch and Home.

You should bear in mind that this plugin will add additional fields in the checkout such as the DNI and the Andreani Office for withdrawal. If you have another plugin that requests the DNI, you could have some kind of conflict with it.

Tracks packages, sends notifications to the client about the location of the package at each status change. Automatically changes the order status in Transit and Delivered accordingly.

What do we offer?

  • Quote costs from the cart summary
  • Request the DNI automatically at checkout
  • Default weight and size for products that do not have these values ​​configured
  • Configure estimated delivery time based on the contract and the zone you configure
  • Add a surcharge to the shipping price returned by Andreani
  • A minimum and / or maximum shipping cost from Andreani applies
  • Exclude Andreani if ​​a product belongs to a specific category in your store
  • Exclude Andreani in specific provinces that you determine
  • Exclude Andreani if ​​the cost of the cart does not exceed a certain amount
  • Support for WooCommerce stores that work in Argentine Pesos and US Dollars, you can use the official rate or configure a rate manually
  • Configure credentials easily once and not for each contract you use
  • Configure all the contracts you want per zone
  • Apply a discount on shipping from a certain amount or weight of the cart
  • Free shipping applies from a certain amount or weight of the cart
  • Apply guide numbers manually to order
  • Generate multiple guides automatically from the order
  • Download the PDF of each guide from the order
  • Send the PDF of each guide from the administrator by e-mail (It can be deactivated from WooCommerce – Settings – E-Mails)
  • Send the guide number to the customer by e-mail (It can be deactivated from WooCommerce – Settings – E-Mails)
  • Send the status of the guide to the client by e-mail every time there is a change (It can be deactivated from WooCommerce – Settings – E-Mails)
  • Guaranteed technical support, we will always treat you in the most humble way possible

Minimum Requirements: WooCommerce 4.0 or Higher

Support and module updates free for 90 days. Lifetime license valid for ONE store only.

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